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We do offer receptions in our parish hall.  The length or ending time of the reception will be determined in advance with the Rector.



The parish hall and kitchen may be used for the preparation and serving of food.  This includes the refrigerator, the stove, and both the conventional oven and convection oven.  The Church of the Ascension does not provide serving equipment for receptions.  You must provide table cloths, silverware, plates, glasses, serving dishes, punch bowls, coffee makers, napkins, decorations, etc.

We have ten round tables, six rectangular tables and about eighty chairs which you may use.  If you do choose to use them, you must set them up and put them away after the reception.

The sexton is not responsible for setting up chairs and tables, or for putting them away.  His cleanup work does not include doing dishes or cleaning the kitchen.  You are responsible for this.

Alcoholic Beverage Policy

Beer, wine and champagne may be served at receptions provided non-alcoholic beverages are served also.  No hard liquor is permitted.  Hosts of the reception are responsible for their guests’ behavior.


 General  |  Ceremony  |  Fees  |  Reception